Little Lady Actress in a Big Movie World

Living the dream one "extra" job at a time

Look Out World!

People may think that this acting bug just started recently.

No, I have loved to be in front of the camera ever since I can remember…


1977 – Our Tribute to Mothers – That’s me on the far right.

My first true memory of the stage was when I was in Hilltop Elementary School when we had a Disneyland themed Christmas program. There I was on stage… all eyes were on me. And I LOVED it! It was in that instant that I was hooked.

There were yearly productions at school, plays through Girl Scouts, skits at camp, plays put on in the back yard with my friends, plays put on with my cousins whenever they came to visit. I loved, loved, LOVED doing plays.


Our Girl Scout troop’s Western Play. That’s me in the middle.
Yes, I have always been tiny. I’m actually older than everyone on that stage. 1981

My first of many Broadway theater experiences was as a child getting to see Annie at the Alvin Theatre.  (I was lucky enough to grow up just outside of NYC and honestly had no clue that going to a Broadway show was considered a treat for the rest of humanity.) I, like every other little girl in the United States, sang every song from the show over and over and over believing some Broadway producer would hear me and cast me on the spot. I even had an opportunity through “Saturday School”, a gifted and talented program, to put on a production of Annie and play the role of Molly.  Yes, I was willing to go to school on Saturday IF I could act!

High school came and as I moved to a new town, I was fortunate enough to move to a school with an excellent theater program.  I was able to take theater class as part of my high school curriculum AND we had a Drama Club which I quickly joined.  Shakespeare through Sartre to the modern day musical, all became a part of my life.

High school soon drifted into college and I chose “Broadcasting Arts and Technology” as my course of study. That path was short-lived as marriage soon followed, then children, and life.  Things eventually led me back to school and to alter my degree path into Horticulture Science (my other passion) but my children’s interest in the stage soon brought me back to acting.

Their participation in theater led to my participation again in theater. Being a parent of an actor led to help with costuming. Costuming quickly led acting, acting led to stage managing, stage managing led to directing, and directing led to running my own children’s theater company… all the while, me realizing that I still had my own acting dream. I still wanted to see my name up there in lights, see my face on the big screen.

Reaching 40 this year truly made me take a good look at myself and realize a few things:

40 is not downhill.

40 is the peak where you reach a new found level of self-awareness in who you are and who you are meant to be.

40 is the point where you have the skills, the confidence and most of all – the gumption to go after your dreams.

All I can say is look out world!  I may be a Little Lady Actress but I am ready to go out full force in the Big Movie World


Me as a little girl – 4 yrs old. I loved any excuse to pose for the camera!



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